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Motion design and 3D animation

Creation of holograms and 3D infographics

Motion design

From storytelling to realisation

Amethys motion design is characterised by holographic animations, 3D animations and animated graphics. This type of visual art consists in creating animated masterpieces.

Motion design does involve a big number of domains such as: writing the storytelling, the artistic direction, the shooting, modelling and animating different graphic objects.

Animations limit is your own imagination

We always adapt our project to your needs and budget

Holographic animation

Expertise and know-how

Amethys masters holographic animations since 2010. The animations are always adapted to holography requirements and they respect the sense of depth and 3D volumes.

The scenography and the storyboard are realized by our marketing and visual merchandising staff in cooperation with each client.

Hologram Snapshot Air animation music by amethys technologies
virtual visit 3D animation motion design

3D animation

Virtual tour

The 3D animations are developed in order to be used within social networks, your internet website or on LED wall, LCD, OLED screen, transparent OLED and transparent LCD.

Virtual tour of a place under construction.

3D views - 3D rendering

Get a taste of your next realisation.

Amethys 3D vues are extremely realistic and give you an exact idea of what your final project will look like.

GUBELIN 3D view holographic display and holograms